Age-By-Age Guide To Toy Purchase

Wise parents know that buying the right toy for a child’s age does not only mean buying a toy that will engage and educate him. Most importantly, it is also a matter of safety. If you’ve been browsing toy stores recently, you probably know that selecting the right toy can be a difficult undertaking. Today, we’ll share you an age-by-age guide to successful toy buying.

Below 1-Year Old

During the first three months since birth, babies still have a blurry vision which does not let them observe all the minute details. That said- it is best to keep them engaged with brightly colored objects. Some toys having nubby texture and making a squeaking noise also manage to attract the attention of these toddlers. Visit Step2 Direct for amazing toys for babies below 1 year old.

Best options would be small stuffed fabric balls, rattles, activity boards, floor gyms, multi patterned crib mobiles, unbreakable mirrors and stuffed dolls having a smiling face.

1 To 2-Year Old

In this stage, it is best to introduce them to toys showing cause and effect sequence which responds to his actions. At this stage your baby will love a game which involves hitting a ball with a bat or pressing buttons causing music to ring in and characters to pop up. Some great options for kids at this age are stacking rings, simple musical instruments such as drums, shape sorters, rubber ducks and simple puzzles.

2 to 3-Year Old

Kids at this age group can easily solve new puzzles and complete building blocks all by themselves. Your kid might even start with the act of imitating those around him. Talking dolls, toy telephones, and other forms of sound-producing toys will top the list of best options at this stage.  Some of the best buys for this age group are puzzles, stuffed animals, transportation toy, tea-party set or a doll stroller.

4 to 5-Year Old

For this age group, it’s best to introduce interactive and educational toys which teach verbal skills and Maths to your children. Toys blurting out words of encouragement rather than ending it on a depressing note should be on your shopping cart. Bets toys for thisage bracket include action figures, complex puzzles, electronic phonic toys,soccer balls, dress-up clothes, bicycles, Lego toys, and board games.

6 To 7-Year Old

Your child is slowly developing tastes and preferences of his own. He might be showing affinity towards a particular art form or sport. Kids at this age begin demanding things that they find in their playmates’ possession. Popular toys of this group include, craft kits,remote control cars,sports equipment telescopes, and chess games.

8-Year Old & Above

Outdoor toys become a hot favorite amongst kids of this age group. Hand them playhouses and they will stay hooked to the same. Toy items like these go a long way in increasing their social skills. Other options include construction sets, science kits and board games. Visit for other toy items that your kids will surely love.