Cats Have A Better Memory Than You’d Think

The usual opinion is that cats are predators that do not care that much about their humans unless food is involved, and that is not entirely true. If you are planning on getting a cat, this might be an article you should read first, and make sure to have a good vet by your side, for example, you can visit

Cat owners are well aware that our cats are able to hold a grudge against us, but for them to be mad about something they need to remember what they are mad about. There has been a study that proved that cats actually have a much better memory than we anticipated. So, be careful how you act with your cat, because she might actually be mad!

Both cats and dogs make great pets for your kids

Compared to dogs

Scientists tried to compare the brain of a dog as well, and they have known their capacity of holding memories already. Dogs can easily remember scenarios, as to where and what happened, similarly to how we do.

Do not confuse this with the simple tricks of them doing stunts for food, because dogs do have episodic memories and they are able to remember specific events and places. This new study is trying to see if cat is able to do the same.

The experiment

Of course, for something like this to be determined, there needs to be an experiment. The researchers put two bowls that both had food, one bowl that was empty and another that had an inedible object in it. Cats went for the bowls that had food inside, but they were not allowed to eat from more than just one bowl. If your cat has problems eating, visit Ku Ring Gai vet like Gordon Vet Hospital.

After that, they were removed from the bowls for a short time, and after some time has passed, the cats had the same four bowls placed in front of them. Usually, the cats will first approach the bowl they remember had food inside the last time, and this is what showed them that cats have the memory, of where and what happened.

You might be thinking that this is not such a big deal, as many of us already knew this, and you are right to think so. However, there has been a scientific experiment that could actually show some other conclusions as well. This means that there might be some other mammals that also share this, the ability to remember where and what happened.

They are here to help

It is quite interesting to think about our cats being mad or annoyed with us by simply remembering what we did yesterday. However, cats are not only here to be mad at us, of course, they love their owners as much as they love food; if you are good to them, that is.

Cats can be very loving animals but they show it differently

Cats are also often used as friends who will help battle depression and loss with you, and many hospitals also used them so their patients can get closure and not feel lonely. There is a lot more to these furry friends than you might have thought.

Final words

Cats might seem like they do not really care about us, but that is not true. Dogs are better at expressing how they feel, but cats feel the same way and express it a bit differently. This is something that only cat owners can understand to the fullest, so do not dismiss these intelligent animals just like that.