Do All Runners Require Orthotics?

Many people think that just because they decided to have a more active life and train, they need special shoe inserts otherwise their feet will hurt, but that is not entirely true. If you also have similar questions or you need a good podiatrist by your side, make sure to contact ModPod Podiatry.

Usually, the runners who do not even suffer from a biomechanical abnormality are eager to over utilize orthotics. There are many runners who believe that for them to truly be safe and support their feet while running, they need to wear arch-supports at all times, while there are also the ones who recovered from an injury and just continued to use orthotics after.

Overusing orthotics can cause a lot of damage

Don’t overuse orthotics

What physicians and runners both need to be aware of is what they are trying to accomplish by wearing orthotics. Usually, the rigid or semi-rigid orthotics will be prescribed and they will help control the excessive pronation that happens in the subtler joint.

Even when you, as a patient, do not have a real pes planus deformity, you will still require a gait examination that can show your podiatrist if you have the increased pronation that happens when the heel strikes into mid-stance. This is why a podiatrist might tell you to wear orthotics even without any visual need.

Proper running form

There are many speculations on barefoot running or running in shoes with a minimalist platform, and how that is healthy for your feet. However, the fact is that you should never even walk barefoot on a hard surface because even when we walk, there is an impact that happens when we touch the ground. This is when our shoes protect our feet.

On top of that, there is also such a thing as the correct running form that you should know about. This is the best way to limit the factor of overusing orthotic devices and causing even more injuries. The best thing to do is to consult about having foot orthotics from ModPod Podiatry.

When do you actually need orthotics?

First of all, people who need orthotics usually have a foot condition. They do not wear them just because they are running or exercising, all you need for that is proper footwear and proper exercise and running form. If you still think that you need orthotics in your life, then maybe you should visit a podiatrist before you jump to such conclusions.

Learning the proper running form can save you

Is proper running negating the need for pronation control?

This is usually questioned by many, and there should be more studies to actually examine this concept that has a very interesting question: Is pronation supposed to be treated if we have a proper running form? Well, when runners practice, it comes down to what kind of shoes they are wearing and then they need to learn how to run.

People usually do not believe that there is such a thing as running the wrong way, but there is, and if you love to run you should learn the proper running form. While this might not be able to fully save your feet, depending on your body, it can definitely make the impact much easier and prevent many injuries.

Final word

First of all, if you are a runner, you should know that the key is to have proper footwear that can protect your feet when you run. Never run barefoot, that is not healthy for your feet, and if you are not sure if you should wear orthotics or foot inserts, you can always ask your podiatrist for their opinion.