Few Side Effects of Winstrol That Can Affect a Man’s Libido

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Winstrol is used both for medical as well as nonmedical use by bodybuilders. However, is it safe to use? Winstrol is a DHT derived hormone which is also known as Stanozolol. Winstrol is more preferable during cutting cycle where it can improve the athletic performance and help in improving speed and strength. Winstrol can be consumed by both men and women as it doesn’t cause masculinizing side effects and also prevents gynecomastia that is usually caused by many other steroids.

However, there are few other side effects that one should be aware of, while using Winstrol. Some of the side effects are genetic based and therefore it is possible to prevent these side effects with responsible use of this drug.

Few side effects for men

If you talk about the side effects of oral Winstrol then the amount of dosage that you take is responsible for this. However, it is not guaranteed that with proper dosage there will be no side effects. Some of the side effects are genetic based. If you already have cholesterol issue then winstrol can certainly have negative impact on your cholesterol level. However, for a healthy adult this may not happen at all. Therefore, if you have cholesterol problem then you should never take Winstrol.

Another two common side effects are acne and hair loss. These side effects again are genetic dependant. In such case even if you do not take Winstrol you may lose hair or suffer from acne.

Another concern among men are about gynecomastia as few steroids often raise estrogen levels that results in accumulation of fat around the breast. However, Winstrol does not cause this. On the contrary many people take Winstrol to prevent gynecomastia during bulking cycle.

Liver is another thing that you need to be careful as Winstrol can increase toxicity of liver. Therefore, those who consume alcohol must stay away from Winstrol or you should totally stop consuming alcohol. However, if there is any liver problem observed then you should stop taking Winstrol and your liver will go back to its normal condition.

Another major side effect among men is decrease in the production of testosterone. This may result in reduction of libido and cause testicular atrophy. Due to this problem the testicles may shrink and the size may be reduced. Therefore, usually Winstrol is stacked with Testosterone in order to maintain testosterone level in the body.

If the testicular atrophy still continues then you can stop taking Winstrol and your testicle size will come back to its normal size.