How Much Do Orthotics Actually Cost?

We have all heard about orthotic devices already, but those who need to purchase them are probably wondering what their price range is. This article will explain the general pricing of orthotics, but even if they are more expensive do not take them for granted. If you need orthotics for your foot,visit Orthotic Solutions Podiatry in Maroubra and book for a consultation.

Cost summary

Usually, podiatry clinics will offer a range of prices that can be affordable to many, and below you have the three most common types of orthotics that you can find, and also their overall prices with a prescription.

  1. Over-the-counter orthotics, or the pre-fabricated ones, that will cost from $80 to $150. There is also the cost of the consultation that goes into deciding the right orthotics for you, and the initial consultation is $90, while the follow-up tends to be around $75.
  2. Semi-costumed orthotics, which will cost from $400 to $440. But, just like before, there is the consultation needed to get them prescribed, and it costs the same as previous.
  3. Custom-made orthotics, that cost around $690, and they also require a consultation and a follow-up, but here you only pay for the initial consultation, $90, and the follow-up is included in the overall price.

Prices can vary when it comes to this, so make sure to have a proper podiatry consultation

What does an orthotic assessment consist of?

Podiatrists want to ensure their patients that they will receive effective and safe foot care, and this is why every Podiatry clinic will most-likely offer the below services. Keep in mind that if you need your feet examined, you should visit and ask for custom orthotics cost from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

  • Full clinical assessment, which includes the video gait and biomechanical analysis.
  • Follow-up consults.
  • Orthotics that suit your conditions the best.
  • Advice on the shoes you should be wearing, together with strengthening and stretching exercises.
  • Modifications or adjustments of completed orthotics.
  • An ongoing treatment plan.

Costs vary quite a bit

You should already know this, but the prices of orthotics will vary depending on where you purchase them, because some podiatry clinic also sells them, so you might get discounts. But, the fact still stands that the over-the-counter orthotics are the cheapest.

Orthotic devices, when prescribed accurately, can prevent and even correct your condition

Pre-fabricated orthotics

Orthotics that are pre-fabricated are made in a way that they will fit almost anyone, and people tend to dismiss them way too fast. Yes, they are cheaper, and usually cheaper items tend to be lower quality, but this is not the case with orthotics. This orthotics will work as good for some people as the custom-made ones will, but this is something your podiatrist has to decide.

Custom-made orthotics

These orthotic devices are a bit pricey, but with a good reason. Unlike the pre-fabricated orthotics, they are made especially for one person. The podiatrist molds this orthotics especially for your condition and your feet, so this orthotics will only fit you. Simply put, they are specially made for your feet and your condition, which is why they tend to cost this much.

Final word

If you think you need orthotics, first you should schedule an appointment at the podiatrist, because self-diagnosing yourself in any situation would be bad. Wearing orthotics can improve your condition and even correct it completely in some situations, but do not wear orthotic devices if you are not required to. This is why a podiatrist consultation is needed, so make sure to go on time.