How To Stream Your Favourite Netflix Shows

Netflix is a world-renowned streaming service for movies and TV shows. It is an excellent substitute for expensive cable and it is far more convenient especially, considering that it is an online service and you can watch it anywhere and at anytime. Before you can start watching your favourite shows on Netflix, you must first create an account with them.

How to create an account on Netflix

Like any decent online service, Netflix is a subscription service. So, you have to pay to view the content. They offer three different price plans; Premium, Standard and Basic. The Premium plan offers more feature support including, Ultra HD and HD support as well as, 4 simultaneous connections at a time and it goes for $13.99 a month. The Standard plan offers HD support and 2 simultaneous connections at a time and it goes for $10.99 a month. The Basic plan goes for $7.99 a month but, it doesn’t offer either HD or Ultra HD support and it allows for only one connection at a time. Of course, each plan supports basic features including, unlimited streaming and multi-platform support. For each signup, you get the first month for free and you can cancel, downgrade or upgrade your subscription at any time.

You can create your account through any of the devices that offer Netflix app support including, Smart TVs, set-top boxes, smartphones, XBOX 360, etc., or the website. After accessing the account sign up page, you select the pricing plan and click continue. You are then prompted to enter your email account and create a password after which, you click register. You then have to enter the payment details, and if everything is in order, you gain access to the content.

However, for this to work your country has to offer Netflix availability. You should also keep in mind that depending on your country, the content may vary and as such your favourite content may be missing.

Official solution

Few know of this, but Netflix offers its users the option to request content that is unavailable. The request page allows you to request for up to three missing titles at a time. The requests are then reviewed and feedback is offered on the inclusion of the title. The issue with this method is that there’s little or no guarantee of including the title and it is a time-consuming process.

Using a VPN

If you don’t have the patience or trust to go through the official channel, your best option is using a VPN for Netflix. A VPN allows you to access content that is missing in your country, but available in a different country. However, before you choose just any VPN service, you should confirm that it works with Netflix since it blocks access to VPNs. Another key consideration is the number of countries offered by the VPN. Considering you’ll need access to content from another country, the VPN should offer access to a high number of countries to increase your chances of finding your favourite shows and movies. The speed of the VPN also matters especially, with respect to streaming. You should, therefore, subscribe to the fastest VPN for flawless streaming.

After reviewing all the considerations, including the level of security and privacy offered by the VPN, you should install and subscribe to the service. After that, it is all a matter of finding Netflix content by country and then configuring your VPN’s server access to the particular country with access to your favourite content.

Things to note

Using a VPN is not illegal per se, but you should ensure that you read the terms and conditions before you go about using it. This way you take advantage of technicalities and circumvent the legal restrictions. More importantly, you should choose a VPN that offers maximum security and privacy to keep your identity anonymous. It also helps if you use a dummy email account to create your Netflix account.