Popular Dishes to feast on in Gujarat

Your Gujarat trip can turn out to be an exciting one if you get to know about the delightful food platter available in the place. The place happens to be a heaven for gourmets and foodies. If you love to eat and wish to try out some of the best delicacies, Gujarati cuisine will emerge as the best choice.

When you book Ahmedabad to Delhi flights and reach Gujarat, you will notice that the Gujarati food platter is mainly vegetarian. Still, you will surely be spoilt for choices. From tasty dhoklas to mouth-watering aamras, there are lots of options to enthral you. Check out these popular food options and make sure you try them out:

  1. The quintessential Gujarati Thali

Before checking out the popular specialties, take a look at the classic Gujarati dishes. The conventional Gujarati ‘thali’ contains some of the unique delicacies of the state. These dishes are Kadhi, shaak, dal, amras, phulka, rice, rotli, and sabji. If you want to gorge on snacks, you will have choices such as fafda, handwa, khakra, and dhokla.

In spite of being a vegetarian platter, the Gujarati Thali can fill your heart with unadulterated happiness. Here are some of the other dishes that can turn your Gujarat trip into a worthwhile one.

  1. Fafda-Jalebi

Want to taste the tongue-tingling mix of sweet and spicy food? Then try the traditional Fafda-Jalebi which is undoubtedly one of the popular Gujarati dishes. Walk down the streets of Gujarat, and you will come across numerous stalls selling this item.

  1. Khakra

Planning to make your tea-time interesting and exciting? Well, nothing can be more enticing than the multi-flavoured Khakras. From chilli and methi to cheese and garlic; khakras are available in endless options. You can try them out whenever you wish to, as these food items are light, healthy, and tasty. Don’t forget to pack some of these items for your friends and family before leaving Gujarat.

  1. Khaman Dhokla

Are you looking for a sumptuous snack that can complement your tea-time perfectly? Check out the availability of Dhokla, which happens to be a signature dish of the Gujarati cuisine. With chickpeas, fermented rice, and aromatic Gujarati spices as its main ingredients, Dhokla happens to be the first choice of health-conscious individuals. The presence of green chutney will satiate your taste buds even more.

  1. Handva

If you don’t like to eat vegetables, the classic Gujarati cuisine will give you umpteen reasons to have it. Handva is one of those special, delicious, and tasty baked items that are delicious and sumptuous at the same time.

  1. Muthia

Immerse your senses in the divine taste of delightful Muthias. This crispy and crunchy snack can make everyone happy. From kids to grownups, Muthia is the first choice for many.

  1. Khandvi

The delightful taste of Khandvi cannot be denied. It’s healthy, delicious, and sumptuous. With shredded coconut, green chutney, and coriander as toppings, the dish will surely give you a tongue teasing experience.

Parting thoughts

Now that you know the special items available in the state, it’s high time to book air tickets from carriers like SpiceJet and get ready to taste the delectable dishes of Gujarat.