Transport Tips For Boat Owners

Purchasing a boat online is fun until the time comes when you have to ship it to your country. This is why many people actually prefer to shop for vehicles inside their country instead, but you should not let that stop you. If you want to ship your new vehicle to another country, you should contact Dazmac Logistics.

You have surely daydreamed about cruising the Bahamas with heir indigo waters, or enjoying a cruise on St. Thomas’ North Drop, as you get to enjoy the beautiful views in front of you. There are many gorgeous places you’d like to see on the water, but it is a bit difficult if you do not have your own boat, and it is not like you can just bring it in a bag on a plane.

There are different ways yachts, boats and other vehicles can be shipped


If your boat is being transported on a tractor-trailer, it is not as simple as you might see it. Carrying an over-sized boat on land is something that can take a lot of time to accomplish. This is simply because there is no road from one country to the other that goes straight as an arrow, there are always zigzags as well as ups and downs, and this affects the driver.

Yacht transport ship

If you are cruising to the Mediterranean, Alaska, the South Pacific, you should catch a ride on a transport yacht ship. The usual boat that does the transport is about 40 – 80 feet. This is why the boat is able to fit both smaller and larger ships if needed. You should visit if you need more info about shipping your boat.

Usually, it is suggested that you ship your yacht one way, and then cruise the rest of the way in return, as you can then also go on a semi-adventure. Invite your family, and this will be a fun experience, as you get your boat to the place it needs to be.

The delivery crew

However, you need to find the right provider for yourself, because many times, the transportation team will see the larger ships as more important than the smaller ones, and thus you will end up waiting longer than you should have. Find providers that take care of both ships equally, depending on the order and destination.

If you are shipping on land, it might take longer to arrive than overseas

The transport ships are not known to give power, so items will come onboard after the unloading is finished. All the fuel tanks need to be close to empty, and the same thing applies to overloading the transport. However, the delivery crew will bring provisions with themselves, topping off the fuel tanks.

Usually, for two crew you would have to pay $500 on average/day plus the expenses of their return travel. Many companies will expect you to pay at least half the fee of the crew, before they even arrive, just to be on the safe side. This is why it is very important that you choose the provider and the team you can trust, to handle your ship and all your belongings.

Final word

If you are planning to ship your yacht or a simple boat overseas, then there are some things you need to know. Also, make sure that the ones doing the transportation are people you can trust because there are a lot of things that can be avoided and that you’d definitely want to avoid. Doing your homework is the best option for you, and there are a lot you can learn online as well.