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Katie Stubblefield is the youngest person ever to receive a full face transplant, after surviving a record-breaking 31-hour operation. In 2014, Stubblefield reportedly tried to commit suicide at

Katie Stubblefield: Face transplant gives suicide survivor …

Aug 14, 2018 · When Katie Stubblefield was 18, she tried to kill herself with a gun. Now, she is the youngest face transplant recipient in US history and wants to raise awareness around suicide prevention.

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KATIE Stubblefield was the youngest ever person to receive a face transplant. Here we look at her amazing story, from nearly dying to the extraordinary facial surgery that has given her a new

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The incredible story of Katie Stubblefield who survived attempted suicide & later became the youngest recipient of a face transplant. How God & the Cleveland Clinic gave Katie a new face & life; Also, those at greatest risk of suicide in the USA.

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Katie Stubblefield Wiki, Age, Family, Face Transplant, Biography, Height, Weight, Ethnicity, Before, Accident, Parents, Boyfriend, Story, Siblings & Profile

Katie Elizabeth Stubblefield

TIMBER/TIMBRE is a project conceived of by Hilary Norcliffe, Jennifer Gunlock and Katie Stubblefield, as part of the Long Beach multisensory inaugural event PUMP on

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Katie Stubblefield is the U.S.’ youngest face transplant patient. This is the psychology of adjusting to a face transplant.

Katie Stubblefield Is the Youngest Person in the U.S. to …

On the September cover of "National Geographic" this month is Katie Stubblefield, a 21-year-old woman who became the youngest person in the U.S. to receive a full face transplant from a donor.

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