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Temple University Hey Lab :: Software

We distribute several software programs for population genetic analysis. These programs have been developed over the years to suit the needs of research in the Hey lab, as well as for others to use.

Software :: Ron Levy Group :: Temple University

Software of the Ronald M. Levy Group at Temple University

Policy: Software Policy | Temple ITS

This Software policy regulates the direct and indirect use of licensed software, both on- campus and off-campus by: establishing standards of conduct with respect to software acquisition, copying, transfer, and use

Software – Temple University

Software R package: LassoSIR: Sparsed Sliced Inverse Regression via Lasso () Reference: Lin, Q., Zhao, Z. , and Liu, J. (2016) Sparse Sliced Inverse Regression for

Benjamin Seibold – Software – Particleclaw

Particleclaw. Particleclaw is a characteristic particle method for scalar conservation laws. Instead of considering a fixed grid, particles follow the the characteristic curves.

Purchasing – Software Site Licensing – SAS | Temple ITS

The SAS system is a powerful software package, which serves as an excellent tool for data management and statistical analysis. It is capable of generating presentation-quality graphics through the SAS/Graph component.

System Updates | Temple ITS

Learn how to install the latest operating system updates on your computer.

Purchasing – Software Site Licensing – SPSS | Temple ITS

SPSS licenses, installation discs and pricing can be found in the Computer Business Services Showcased Supplier catalog in TUmarketplace. There will be three types of software products:

TECH Center Software | Temple ITS

This index includes the software available in the TECH Center. Each software package and its location is listed alphabetically. Note: This software list is for general reference only and may be subject to change. New software is added periodically and unused software may be removed.

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